“The Polar Bear, Chicken Soup and Friends” introduces four friends: Bear, Penguin, Seal, and Walrus. They enjoy playing ball near the orca pond. One day, Bear kicks the ball too hard, and it goes over Seal’s head. Seal insists Bear kicked it hard on purpose, yet Bear explains it is an accident. During their quarrel, the ball lands in the orca pond. Orca whale does not like things entering his pond. The friends are disappointed they lost the ball. Bear feels very sad and becomes sick.
With the help of Professor Sammy and his recipe for chicken soup, Bear begins to feel better and retrieves the ball. The friends apologize to one another and their friendship is saved. Afterward, they all enjoy delicious chicken soup.
“The Polar Bear, Chicken Soup and Friends” reveals the importance of friendship. It teaches the reader that nothing should come between friends. It also reminds the reader what delicious chicken soup is and how it can always make one feel better.